After a long tiring day, nothing feels better than a warm bath in your relaxing restroom. Bathroom is the place from where we start our day with a fresh shower and retire with a luxurious bath before getting to bed. It’s a must to have an inviting environ for our restrooms. A true relaxing bathroom must have everything in order and whenever you have problem, Diamond Handyman is the name for your immediate help. Bathroom services are one of our specialties and we are always there for you with best possible handymanship, whether you need a new faucet or moisture venting fans. We are popular for our right on-time service and we make sure to clean up the whole site before we leave your property. Talk about the most professional, seasoned, knowledgeable and high quality bathroom handyman services for London homes and you have Diamond Handyman for you.

We will help you with a versatile range of bathroom services:

  • Remodel & renovation

If you are planning a make-over for your outdated bathroom, Diamond Handyman is ready to help you with a complete bathroom renovation & remodeling as per the latest industry standards. We will assist you with all the pertinent jobs, be it tile installation for bathroom floors or setting up the perfect bathroom vanity or a fresh coat of paint.


  • Venting fan installation and repair

The continuous presence of moisture in the bathroom makes it the perfect field for mildews & mold hence we are here to help you with new vent fan installation. If you don’t want to take up a whole new vent fan, we will also help with existing vent fan repair services.

  • Caulking

Your bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom and bad caulking on the tub can damage your entire bathroom with unwanted water deposition behind walls & under floor. Thus, we are here with expert caulking services that will prevent water damage, restore your tub & keep the bathroom safe.

  • Bathroom installation repair

Diamond Handyman is here to help you with any type of new installation you need in your bathroom – be it new toilet installation or cabinet installation or installation of a new faucet or shower head and so on. Not always you would need a whole new installation, especially when some minor fixing is okay and hence we offer repair services as well.

  • Drywall repairs and finishing

Water leaks in bathroom ghastly affect the drywall and thus we are here to help you in detecting the hidden leak so that your drywall can be repaired on time. Diamond Handyman assures expert drywall repair and finishing services to keep the bathroom fresh and inviting.

  • Minor plumbing fixes

We have got plumbers in our team who can help you out with minor plumbing fixes at affordable rates. Whether it’s your broken or leaky faucet or leaky toilets, we are your absolute portal when you looking for an expert hand for common bathroom maintenance issues.

Diamond Handyman assures bonded and trusted bathroom handyman services for London homes at rates to suit your budget.