Have you just shifted to your new home and need help with the installations? Or is it the time to get a renewed look to your dear old home with trendy cabinets and classy French windows? Well, whatever be the reason behind new installations at your home, whenever it comes to installation services in London, Diamond Handyman is the name for you. Backed by seasoned handyman pros, we can always assure you the best possible installation services and that too quite within your budget. We understand, you are looking forward to a sizeable investment and we make sure to guarantee the best possible experience for you.

We can help you with all the needed installation services for a complete home –


  • Cabinet installation & repair

We provide expert cabinet installation services for both bathroom & kitchens by seasoned pros, backed by years of experience in premier carpentry. We will also help you with skilled repair work on your existent cabinets.

  • Countertop installation & repair

New countertops assure a refreshing aura to entire space and we will help you with expert countertop installation for both kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, we can also repair your old countertop when you are tight on budget and are not planning to invest on a whole new option.

  • Crown molding installation

Whether you are planning a modern touch or a vintage colonial one, the pros at Diamond Handyman are experienced in any kind of crown molding installation- in tune with the very aura of your home.

  • Door installation

Whether it’s your entryway door or the closet door or the shower doors or the pet doors- Diamond Handyman is the backed by the right tools & techniques as well as experience to install any kind of door you need in your house.

  • Toilet installation

Brand new toilet appliances and accessories assure a refreshing feel to your restroom and we are here to help you with skilled and comprehensive toilet installation services.

  • Faucet & showerhead installation

Whether it’s your dripping faucet draining all the water resource in your home or you just want trendy taps in your bathroom, Diamond Handyman is your one-stop choice for best new faucet & showerhead installation in London homes at affordable rates.

  • Flooring installation

We will support you with any sort of new floor installation- be it tiles or vinyl or laminate or the classy wood.

  • Gutter Guard installation

New gutter guards on existing ones will always slash down your gutter cleaning costs whilst preventing expensive gutter damage from clogged debris, dirt & ice buildup. And, when you are looking for the best assistance for new gutter installation, you know Diamond Handyman is there for you.

  • Lighting & Electrical Fixtures Installation

Diamond Handyman boasts the expertise, knowledge and experience to help you with any kind of lighting and electrical fixtures installation- whether it’s the smoke alarms or an elaborate chandelier for your ball room or something as regular as ceiling fans.

  • Window installation & repair

Our seasoned handymen here are experienced in installing, repairing & replacing any form of window your house calls for.